Zari O' Breesam

“Zari O’ Breesam’s designs is created by its ability in mixing the Arabian Gulf tradition with global fashion trends. All “Zari O’ Breesam” products show style, craftsmanship, quality and sharpness.

We believe that all women are beautiful by nature, and we are committed to increase this inborn beauty. As a leading Emirati brand in the Gulf fashion scene, “Zari O’ Breesam” is always ahead in creating different designs with an international point of view, by combining modernity with tradition, and helping the region’s fashion industry to become competitive and of high quality.

Within a short time, “Zari O’ Breesam” has created a place for itself in the Gulf fashion region. We operate from Dubai, the colorful and broad-minded place of the Middle East. Designing and production at “Zari O’ Breesam” is done with Efficiency and commitment to Quality.


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    لكي خصيصاً عرض أزياء مميز لمجموعة الخريف في بوتيك زري وبريسم ، يبدأ العرض غداً السبت من العاشره صباحاً حتى … read more
    Date Added: 06/10/2012